Day of the Unborn Child
Sydney 2022

Life & Family Institute of Sydney is excited and proud to host the
2022 Day of the Unborn Child at St Mary’s Cathedral In Sydney.

10:30am – Mass

12:00 noon – A prayerful street procession
led by Archbishop Fisher including an address at
Parliament House with guest speakers.

1:30pm – Benediction

27 March 2022
The Feast of the Annunciation

The Feast of the Annunciation is internationally recognised as the Day of the Unborn Child. It marks the day Our Lord Jesus Christ became a tiny unborn child in His mother’s womb. it is a day of celebration and remembrance of the dignity of the unborn. It is also a day to remember the millions of unborn children whose lives have been ended by the violence of abortion.

Join us to witness to the sanctity of human life!

“… I will not forget you,
I have carved you on the palm of my hands. ”
Isaiah 49

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Day of the Unborn Child 2022

Charity and Courage

Address delivered by Anna Walsh outside NSW Parliament House
on the Day of the Unborn Child, March 27th 2022

“Do you ever feel like you are living in a nightmare, screaming, but nobody is listening, nobody can hear you? This is often what it feels like to be ‘pro-life’. We all have the experience of being misunderstood and we witness a frustrating lack of logic from otherwise good and intelligent people.”

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