“The spiritual gifts we have differ, according the special grace which has been assigned to each. If a man is a prophet, let him prophesy as far as the measure of his faith will take him. The administrator must be content with his administration, the teacher, with his work of teaching, the preacher with his preaching. Each must perform his own task well; giving alms with generosity, exercising authority with anxious care, or doing works of mercy smilingly.”
– Romans 12: 6-9

Everyone has something to offer, so, rather than telling volunteers what their contributions must be, we encourage you to consider your own gifts, your own circumstances, and the duties of your state in life.

Let us share some ideas with you to get you started:

Spritual Adoption of the Unborn Child

Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn Child is a prayer for the child in the womb threatened by abortion. It is a prayer to help those suffering from the effects of the sin of abortion. It is a movement inspired by the Holy Spirit, as is all which is good in the world and which bears fruit.

In adopting a pre-born child spiritually you simply undertake to pray the daily prayer (download flyer) plus one decade of the rosary each day for a period of nine months.


We at LFI believe that pro-life commitment cannot be in name only. Our commitment to the sanctity of life finds practical expression in works as diverse as public and private prayer, counselling, teaching, writing, and providing practical assistance to women and children in need. If you, too, understand that the Gospel of Life must be preached, and that children can only be saved by real action, then we want to meet you!

Practical Assistance

The surest way to save a child is to support his/her mother; this is why we do not simply tell women to choose life, but help them to do so. Perhaps you’re able to offer emergency accommodation or financial support to a woman who has chosen life in difficult circumstances?

Be a prayer warrior

This starts first and foremost with a loving act of the will to decide to make some time each day to pray for all those affected by abortion. This act is a spiritual work of mercy. Spare a few minutes of prayer each day for this intention. You may like to use this prayer for life

An example of prayer for the unborn can be seen in the practice of “Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn”. For more information please click here.

Join the 40 Days for Life Campaign in your city

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving; consider joining our prayer campaign for the unborn in Lent, praying, fasting, and giving the alms of your time in support of mothers and children, not only saving lives, but also converting the hearts of those in the abortion industry.


Use your vote to defend the unborn! Every vote sends a message; every vote counts. One of our most sought-after services is the Voters’ Guide, which enables every voter to ensure that he or she votes in favour of life, marriage, and family.


Throughout the year, volunteers support the work of LFI by sharing the innumerable administrative tasks that accompany any major project. You may have time to visit the office to help with a mail-out. Perhaps you live too far away to visit, but can distribute flyers in your own area. Perhaps your local parish priest will accept flyers for your church. The possibilities are almost endless!


At LFI, we love our families, who testify to the value of life with each new child they welcome into the world. We love our married couples not yet blessed with children, who testify to God’s authority over life by their constancy in prayer and their fidelity to natural methods of conception. We love our priests, who not only offer the sacraments without which our work would be impossible, but who also lead by preaching – often in a difficult intellectual climate – and by their example of celibate chastity. We love our religious sisters and brothers, whose lives of prayer and community broaden the theological context of our own lives and works. And we love our single people, who testify to the pre-eminence of God’s will by choosing faith, chastity, and the service of others as the best use of their time, while they wait in patience for the fulfilment of their own hopes.

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