Love has many facets: philia is true disinterested love for mankind. That is, love of friendship (e.g. an abortion sidewalk counsellor who is detached from emotion and the circumstance of a girl/woman contemplating abortion, demonstrates philia love for her because abortion is wrong and will leave her wounded and her child dead.  Agape means brotherly love as in a family or church. As Pope Emeritus Benedict notes, agape expresses the experience of a love which involves a real discovery of the other, moving beyond the selfish character that prevailed earlier. Love now becomes concern and care for the other. No longer is it self-seeking, sinking in the intoxication of happiness; instead it seeks the good of the beloved: it becomes renunciation and it is ready, and even willing, for sacrifice. Eros implies the sentiments and emotions that lead on to sexual love. Eros, reduced to pure sex, has become a commodity, a mere thing to be bought and sold, or rather, man himself becomes a commodity. In order to exist, eros is dependent upon the situation and circumstances. As long as a couple is enjoying a romantic situation, eros can thrive. But, as soon as hurtful words or actions appear, eros simply evaporates. Eros is also held captive to each person’s perception. Therefore, eros cannot provide a reliable basis for building a deep and meaningful relationship since it is so fickle and dependent upon perception and circumstances.

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