Media’s reaction to the new NSW Minister for Women’s
position on Abortion

A new Premier in NSW and a new Cabinet and the sanctimonious media make sure they let their disapproval be known. Mainly that the new Premier had to make ‘deals’ with the faction leaders in appointing this new Cabinet, including, “shock, horror,” the dreaded ‘right.’ Included in this ostracised ‘hate’ group is the new Minister for Women, Tanya Davies who it turns out, has the audacity to think that the slaughter of unborn children in the womb is wrong!

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday 31st January, Jenny Noyes took great exception to the new Minister describing herself as “personally pro-life.” “This simply is not good enough” she rails. She further opines, “When it comes to being pro-life, it has nothing to do with “personally” (sic). And while we’re here, let’s also call pro-life by its correct terminology: Anti-choice.” Further winding herself up she says, “The so called pro-life movement says a life that hasn’t even begun is more important than the self determination of a living, breathing woman.” And, “By restricting safe, legal options, women’s lives are literally endangered. How is that “pro-life” exactly?”

More nonsense follows, “The pro-choice movement is not pro-abortion. It’s as much about providing women with opportunities for safely giving birth as it is for avoiding and terminating pregnancy.” Then, “But being pro-choice means you understand, regardless of your personal beliefs, that providing safe, legal abortion is essential.” To conclude she exclaims, “ NSW needs a minister for Women who will actually fight for women’s rights, who is willing to put reproductive rights on the table – not wind them back..”

The ABC’s Brigid Granville was of much the same mind and tone. She quotes Claire Pullen from the Women’s Electoral Lobby “ It is disappointing that the new Minister has made her own private views on abortion known so soon.” “It is a concern if the minister for Women wasn’t prepared to take into account the community standard.” “The overwhelming majority of people in NSW are pro-choice..”

She then quotes the new Premier Gladys Berejiklian as saying “Can I just stress on that point that there is obviously no change in policy in relation to those issues.” Next she quotes Labor MLC Penny Sharp “Premier Berejiklian has to guarantee that in the factional deals that she’s done to put together her Cabinet that she has not sold women’s sexual reproductive rights down the river.” Then quoting Anne Brassil, the chief Executive of Family Planning NSW (an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood), “there are tricky laws in New South Wales where abortion, in some circumstances, is a criminal offence, and she would welcome dialogue with Ms Davies.” “I guess what we would want to say is that women should be pro-choice, it should be a woman’s right to choose.”

There is so much wrong with these articles it is hard to know where to begin. In fact, any reasonable, discerning reader would immediately be struck by the ideological bias and the ridiculous assertions. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that these articles appear in the ABC and SMH websites and that the only quotes come from extremely left wing biased and compromised individuals and organisations. Both the Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL) and Family Planning NSW are strong advocates for unrestricted abortion funded by government (taxpayers) and are recipients for the majority of their own funds from government. Labor MLC Penny Sharp was one of two members who introduced Bill’s in NSW last year to introduce “Bubble Zones” around abortion mills.

Surely, the victory of Donald Trump in the USA and the Brexit vote in the UK, must have told journalists and politicians something about the bias to left wing, so called “progressive” causes they actively promote, without any reference to counter arguments and philosophies. Where is the truth and the facts in this? The acknowledgement in both articles that abortion is illegal in NSW (at least in many instances) should highlight the point, that maybe there is another view in the community and that in fact, this view is the codified view!

They claim to represent ‘women’ across the board but make it very clear they do not represent anyone with Minister Tanya Davies views. They claim overwhelming support in the community for their pro-choice position but where are the facts. More and more people are becoming opposed to abortion for all but the most extreme cases – rape, foetal deformity, life of the mother. These cases represent less than 5% of all abortions in NSW. Marie Stopes and the other abortion mill operators would be out of business if these were the only abortions being done. So Claire Pullen and Penny Sharpe, why aren’t you representing the community standard?

Why shouldn’t a pro-life minister be entitled to make her views known? These articles are common whenever there is any mention in the public domain of a position in support of life. Could it be they do not want a public discussion of the facts? Jenny Noyes’ (well named) nonsense that personally has nothing to do with pro-life and that pro-life is really anti-choice is typical of the sophistry that has dominated public discussion about the terrible destruction being wrought on the community generally and women specifically by these radical feminist ideologues. Not to mention the millions of innocent unborn babies lives who have been lost and the detrimental effect that has had on our economy and social cohesion.

It is an argument with no support in medical science or in sound philosophy, yet by being the loudest voice all the time and drowning out and shouting down all opposition they have held control of the debate. To claim, as Noyes does, that the life of the baby is “a life that has not begun” is idiotic to say the least. If it has not begun then there would be nothing to abort!

They do not want to tell you women overwhelmingly do not want abortion, they want support. Noyes’ claim that the pro-choice ‘movement’ is as much about providing women with opportunities for safely giving birth is laughable. Try getting Marie Stopes or Family Planning NSW to help with that! These people haven’t seen an abortion they don’t like. This is a business with high stakes and dead babies and wounded and broken mothers and fathers are the price they will pay.

Congratulations to the Minister for Women for letting her views be known (honesty is what we claim we all want from our politicians I thought) and for truly being there for and representing all women. Don’t let these hysterical banshee’s howl you down Minister. Stand strong knowing the majority of women and men are behind you.

Paul Hanrahan
Executive Director

Family Life International (Australia) Ltd.

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